For over 25 years we’ve been at the forefront of body repairs and refurbishments. Advance Body Repairs’ skilled engineers are uniquely placed to offer the full spectrum of services to our customers.

We are here to support you and your business. Whether you need an MOT, Brake Roller Test or a simple electrical repair, we can work with you to provide bespoke solutions for your operation.

Trailer, Truck Services and Schedules

We understand the requirements operators must meet to keep their vehicles on the road. Our expertise can help you plan a maintenance routine that will ensure your business meets its statutory requirements. We can help with routine maintenance, LOLER, Tail-Lift Services and more.


Our facility in Corby has the capacity to offer MOTs for all types of trucks and commercial vehicles. As part of your scheduled maintenance, which we can also help you organise, we can help you ensure your vehicles stay roadworthy and offer fast turnaround times to make things even easier.

Brake Roller Tests

We understand that organising all the different elements of truck and trailer testing takes up valuable time – time better spent on the road. As part of the service offered by Advance Body Repairs, we can Brake Test your truck and trailer and make sure that it conforms to the legal requirements.

Mechanical and Electrical Repairs

As part of our service, we can repair any mechanical or electrical faults that may arise during the lifetime of the vehicle. Our skilled mechanics will conduct any necessary repairs as part of your vehicle’s service or after its MOT.

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