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Box Van Trailer

Lawrence David’s Box Van Trailers are proven in parcel delivery, supermarket and rental sectors. We have the capability to adapt our trailers to suit the nature of your operation – it’s one of the reasons we offer a bespoke design service.


Designed and manufactured to align with Type Approval Requirements and operating under a quality management system that conforms to the standards of ISO 9001:2015, we can customise a solution to help drive down your costs and increase profitability.

With choices ranging from Glass Reinforced Plywood (GRP) to 8mm thin-wall steel panelling, our Box Van Trailers are built to withstand the demands of a rigorous operation without compromising strength or durability. They are engineering and manufactured to the same high standards of quality Lawrence David are known for.

Thin Wall Panelling

From the options you have, we can increase the internal load space by up to 24mm – which allows you to squeeze every little bit of payload from your trailer. The beauty of our solutions is that in the event your body is damaged, the panels are easier to replace – which reduces the time it’s off the road.

Load Securing

We offer a variety of load securing options for our Box Van Trailers. You can choose from LoadLok 1806, Tie-Rails or 3009 Combi-Track and that’s just a small selection. Ultimately, your operation dictates our solutions.

Coupling Options

At Lawrence David we offer three types of coupling – Fixed, Sliding or our exclusive Curved Coupling. If you care about getting the most out of your trailers, we recommend the Curved Coupling – designed with health, safety and efficiency in mind.

Minimal External Fixings

We believe that the quality of the finish matters as much as the quality of the build. With minimal fixings, there’s less opportunity for water ingress which will naturally improve the lifespan of the trailerOur aim is to offer high quality aesthetics, without sacrificing durability or quality.

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225mm-integral-kick-strip-blue-colour-stainless floor

Integral Steel 225mm Deep Kick Strip

For maximum strength and reduces internal damage. Cannot be ripped off as fully welded to trailer cross members. Better protection to sidewall against pallets, roll cages and MU’s.


500mm Front Trailer Upstand

For maximum bulkhead strength pallets cannot ‘pop’ front bulk out.


Design & Manufactured To Align With Type Approval Requirements As Controlled By VCA

Under a Quality Management System that conforms to the framework and requirements of ISO 9001:2015.


Steel Bottom Corner Protection Plate

Reduces damage to corner cappings, as it first point of contact underneath trailer at front.


External Fit Front Corner Cappings

Not relying on strength of capping. Body has internal skeleton of steel gussets, full height in corners.


Alloy Cappings Powder Coated To Colour Of Your Choice

Powder coating is ‘etched’ into alloy. More resistant to damage and scratching. No rust.


Reinforced Rear

Fully welded rear/end gussets results in greater strength and shock loading taken through chassis for dock loading.


Coupling Options

Fixed, sliding or curved coupling options available.


75mm Radius Roof Rails

Choice of fibreglass or alloy roof skin. No water ingress as fully sealed all round with alloy cappings.

3D Model Vent

Full 3D Solid Modelling & Design Database

Parts fit right first time.


Interior Lights

Full length, low profile LED strip lights give even light distribution throughout vehicle and still operate even if a section is damaged.


Multiple deck options available

Fixed deck (step frame or straight frame), lifting deck or Mud trailer Tri-deck suspension.

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