For over 45 years, Lawrence David have been at the forefront of commercial trailer manufacturing.  Our extensive experience solving real problems and delivering bespoke solutions to a diverse range of operations within the transport industry demonstrates our versatility as a semi-trailer manufacturer.

Our innovative and collaborative approach to design allows us to work with you to produce a solution that will support your operation, help your business grow and give you years of trouble-free operation.

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Curtainsider Trailer

For over 45 years we’ve designed and manufactured industry-leading Curtainsider Trailers for a variety of applications across the industry. Engineered for maximum durability, Lawrence David’s Curtainsiders are built under a quality management system that conforms to ISO 9001:2015.

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Box Van Trailer

Lawrence David’s Box Van Trailers are engineered to the same high standards as our Curtainsider Trailers. Designed in consultation with our customers, our box van trailers are customised to support your operation and enhance your capabilities.

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Double Deck Trailer

Straight or Step-frame, Curtainsider or Box Van, our Double Deck trailers allow you to maximise potential trailer space and increase your payload volume. We offer multi-position and fixed decks alongside various lifting deck configurations. We will work alongside you to design a product that will work for you.

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Platform Trailer

Designed to be strong and versatile, our Platform trailers are configurable to a diverse range of applications and come fitted with either a fixed or removable headboard. Whether you need to move plant machinery, bricks or timber, our Platform trailers are built to withstand rigorous operational needs.

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Skeletal Trailer

Our Skeletal trailers are built to suit container lengths from 20’ to 45’. We offer both fixed and sliding configurations and will collaborate with you on the design to ensure the Skeletal trailer is suitable for your requirements.

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