Predictions For Fleets In 2020

January 30, 2020    
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Lawrence David have always believed in innovation and have pushed the boundaries of design and technology for over 40 years. Our trailers and rigids are more robust and efficient than those made by other manufacturers.

Over the coming decade, we believe there will be a transition from the internal combustion engine to a more sustainable, environmentally friendly option – once technology has the chance to catch up with necessity. Fuel efficiency and low carbon technologies will become more important to businesses across the logistics and haulage industry and Lawrence David have worked hard to stay on the front line.

Keep reading for our 3 Fleet Predictions For 2020 and Beyond!

Electric Fleets Become Commonplace

It’s a hot topic globally but is it practical? The challenges come down to three things: the distances, the battery weight and the charging network. Vehicle range is the biggest issue and is impacted by a variety of factors – including outside temperature.

When you take into account the size of the battery packs involved, which influences the amount of power used to move the vehicle, the weight impact of the battery pack and loss of payload, you could run the risk of losing charge halfway through the journey!

Road Charges Could Increase

We don’t believe this will happen in the next two or three years, but as the switch to electric drivetrains continues, the Government will need to consider different options to replace the lost income from reduced fuel duty. According to figures in Fleet News, HM Government collected £28 Billion in fuel duty and a further £5.6 Billion in VAT.

As the number of fossil fuel-powered vehicles decreases, HM Government will have to replace the lost fuel duty income. One method to do that could be to increase other road charges like road tax, or, consider more extreme options, for example, a distance-based charge or a weight penalty.

Quicker Real-Time Information

Technology grows exponentially month on month and empowers us to provide more accurate fleet management data to our customers in real-time. In 1965, Gordon E. Moore, co-founder of Intel thought that the number of transistors that can be packed into a given unit of space will double about every two years – he was right.

As our trailer and tracking technology advances further, we will be able to provide new types of data to customers to enhance their ability to manage their fleets in new and more intelligent ways.

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