Features of a Platform Trailer

October 8, 2019    
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Platform trailers need to be versatile and practical to cater to the fact that they are used for all manner of operations. Although they are most often used for special loads, where a standard trailer would fail to safely or effectively transport items.

It is important that a platform trailer is tailored to your specific operational needs. All of our Platform Trailers at Lawrence David , are designed and manufactured with you in mind. They also strictly comply with Type Approval Requirements.

That said, there are a number of features that differentiate the platform trailer, from other trailers such as curtainsiders , skeletal or the box van trailers. We briefly discuss the most prevalent features of platform trailers, and why they are important features for the trailer to fulfill its purpose.

Has a Full Chassis

Perhaps the most important feature of a platform trailer is that it has to have a full chassis. Ideally, to maximise the efficacy of the chassis, you will have the cross members fully welded to the main I-beams. It is always worth bearing in mind that the stronger and lighter your full chassis’ are, the less often you will need to carry out maintenance work on your platform trailer.

Heavy Duty Flooring

Due to the fact that platform trailers are renowned for transporting abnormal and often heavy loads, it is crucial that they have heavy-duty flooring. Flooring that is able to withstand the classic uses of platform trailers is essential. Pinewood is particularly useful for platform trailer flooring due to its durable nature, as is rough oak, which is more durable and can take more abuse than pine. Regardless of the types of flooring you choose, ensure it is well prepared for the most extreme uses.

Load Securing Features

Ensuring abnormal/extreme loads on your platform trailer are properly and safely secured is important for numerous reasons – the main being public safety. You will, obviously, be driving your platform trailer on the road, so will need to ensure your load doesn’t dislodge and cause serious or fatal injury. Standard or heavy-duty rope hooks are/can be fitted to the floor members of platform trainers – either every floor member or every other floor member. Deck lashing rings are also a fantastic addition that can be mounted into the side rave or even into the bed of the chassis itself!

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