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Trailer-eye from Lawrence David offers a unique solution to tracking your trailers throughout the U.K. and Europe.

We have a package to suit you and any size of trailer fleet. The advantages of tracking your trailers are clear to see.

Quick turnaround

Quicker turnaround for trailers in operation ensuring maximum productivity.

Higher ROI

Faster trailer turnaround equals more opportunities to generate revenue.

Increased efficiency

Less time spent looking for trailers manually.

Easy to locate

Locate stolen or lost trailers at the click of a button.


Geo-fencing notifies you of arrival and departure times of your trailers.

Scheduled maintenance

Schedule maintenance of your trailers.

Quick and easy to install

No trailers off the road or high installation costs.


No batteries

Super caps used to store energy from existing power supply.


Small tracking device

Small tracking device - no bulky units.


Discrete fitting locations

Discrete fitting locations - options are available.

No interference w. electrics.jpg

No interference

No interference with vehicle/trailer electrical circuits.


Excellent coverage

Trailer-eye SIM cards covers use in European countries.

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