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Lawrence David’s Trailer-Eye is a unique trailer tracking solution that will provide real-time, actionable business intelligence to help you improve your operation. Trailer-Eye is a discreet unit that we can fit during production or retro-fit to your existing fleet with the minimum of hassle.

With packages to suit your operational needs, we can cater to fleets of any size and provide as much or a little integration to your existing Fleet Management System as you need. Our fully customisable reporting suite enables you to gather actionable data that will, if implemented, improve the utilisation of your assets.

Trailer-Eye provides a host of benefits other than tracking solutions. Our “Traffic Light Maintenance Module” notifies you when assets are nearing their required service date. This allows you to schedule downtime proactively to avoid a shortage of vehicles.

With international coverage as standard, Lawrence David’s Trailer-Eye is the ultimate trailer tracking solution.


Improved Operational Efficiency

When you track the locations of your assets, you’re in a better position to plan your routes for maximum productivity. Lawrence David’s Trailer-Eye integrates into your existing fleet management systems for ease of use. If implemented, the data generated with enhance your operation and will provide additional insight into the utilisation of your assets.

Higher ROI

Optimised journey planning gives you the opportunity to increase revenue by ensuring your assets always carry the maximum payload. With the “Traffic Light Maintenance Module”, we’ll notify you when an asset becomes due for inspection or service, so you can plan the downtime effectively and allocate alternative assets to the route.

Easy to Locate

In the event of theft, or loss, you don’t need to manually search the map for the asset. Simply press a button and we can display the locations of each of your Trailer-Eye units.


Trailer-Eye allows you to specify regular delivery or collection points and receive real-time notifications of your assets’ departure or arrival. The data generated can be used for conformance, so you can prove the trailer was at a specific location if required.

Maintenance Module

Trailer Eye’s Maintenance Module operates using a Traffic Light System. This makes it easier to view the overall maintenance position of the fleet and identify any areas for concern. Bespoke parameters and reports can be generated based on your specification.

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No batteries

Super Caps are used to store energy from the existing power supply.  It’ll never drain any batteries.


Small tracking device

Trailer-Eye measures 53 x 42 x 19mm.  It’s not a bulky unit that’s tricky to fit.


Discrete fitting locations

There are number of locations the device can be fitted.

No interference w. electrics.jpg

No interference

Trailer-Eye doesn’t interfere with any vehicle/trailer electrical circuits, so you can be sure nothing will interfere with the operation of the Asset.


Excellent coverage

Trailer-Eye SIM cards cover use in European countries – so even when your Asset is outside of the U.K, you still know exactly where it is.