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Trailer-Eye from Lawrence David is a unique solution to tracking your fleet throughout the U.K. and Europe.

We tailor our packages to suit your operational requirements and can cater for fleets of any size.  Our fully customisable reporting suite enables you to gather as little or as much data as you want about your Assets.

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Improved Efficiency

By tracking the locations of the trailers, you’ll always have the right Assets in the right place at the right time, which will allow you to improve operational efficiency through enhancing planning and maximising productivity.

Higher ROI

Better journey planning gives the opportunity to generate more revenue by ensuring Assets are always fully loaded and downtime is minimised.

Easy to Locate

At the click of a button you can locate lost or stolen Assets reducing time spent searching manually.


Designate boundaries around your own depots or those of your customers. 

Trailer-Eye will notify you of the arrival and departure of your Asset, so you always know when it’s on the move and earning revenue. 

Geo-Fencing isn’t limited to depots, you can Geo-Fence areas you’d like drivers to steer clear of too.

Scheduled maintenance

Trailer-Eye’s ‘Traffic Light Maintenance Module’ notifies you when Assets are nearing their scheduled maintenance time. 

By planning for this in advance, you can minimise the downtime of the Asset through preventative maintenance.

Quick and easy to install

It takes less than 5 minutes to install Trailer-Eye, so you don’t have to take the Asset off the road to install it and there are no high installation costs.


No batteries

Super Caps are used to store energy from the existing power supply.  It’ll never drain any batteries.


Small tracking device

Trailer-Eye measures 53 x 42 x 19mm.  It’s not a bulky unit that’s tricky to fit.


Discrete fitting locations

There are number of locations the device can be fitted.

No interference w. electrics.jpg

No interference

Trailer-Eye doesn’t interfere with any vehicle/trailer electrical circuits, so you can be sure nothing will interfere with the operation of the Asset.


Excellent coverage

Trailer-Eye SIM cards cover use in European countries – so even when your Asset is outside of the U.K, you still know exactly where it is.