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3.5 - 6.0t Bonded Van Rigid

Lawrence David’s Bonded Vans are designed to offer the largest payload possible whilst maintaining the high standards of quality and durability you’ve come to expect from us. A Bonded Van from Lawrence David gives you extra load security and body strength without compromising on aesthetics.


With choices ranging from Glass Reinforced Plywood (GRP) or 8mm thin-wall steel panelling, our Bonded Vans are built to withstand the demands of your operation.

Designed with efficiency in mind, we offer a variety of aerodynamic configurations to help improve fuel consumption and reduce your costs.  Coupled with the weight-saving benefits of bonded construction, we know we can help your business go the extra mile.

Steel or Aluminium Base Frame

As standard, runners follow the chassis profile with bearer pitches at 500mm and 250mm for added structural stability and load security.  We believe that it’s better to be safe than sorry – don’t forget, EN 12642-XL is available on all our bodies for peace of mind.

Bonded Body

This enables us to save weight during the build process by bonding the body rather than bolting it.  The weight saved translates directly into a larger payload for our customers.

Bespoke Design

Each job is unique.  We listen to your operational requirements and design a rigid body that matches your specification.  Whatever the application, we can design a body that will enhance your operation and last a lifetime.

Minimal External Fixings

We believe that the quality of the finish matters as much as the quality of the build. With minimal fixings, there’s less opportunity for water ingress which will naturally improve the lifespan of the body. Our aim is to offer high-quality aesthetics, without sacrificing durability or quality.

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Load Securing

Load Lok or Tie Rail options available.


265mm Front Upstand

For maximum bulkhead strength. Pallets cannot ‘pop’ front bulk out.

Roof skin.jpg

Fiberglass or Aluminium roof skin

Your choice of roof material.


Alloy Cappings Powder Coated To Colour Of Your Choice

Powder coating is ‘etched’ into alloy. More resistant to damage and scratching. No rust.

Roof Rail.jpg

Z-Roof Rail or 75mm Radius Roof Rails

Choice of fibreglass or alloy roof skin. No water ingress as fully sealed all round with alloy cappings.


Full 3D Solid Modelling & Design Database

Parts fit right first time.


Interior Lights

LED strip lights give even light distribution throughout vehicle.


Design & Manufactured to align with Type Approval requirements as controlled by VCA

Under a Quality Management System that conforms to the framework and requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

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