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Loane Expand International Haulage Operations with LD Trailers

10 Jan EN 12642-XL Trailers

Loane Transport Ltd continues to offer a truly professional service to cater for all industry's needs by taking delivery of 2 new Lawrence David Trailers. The order serves as a testament to the partnership between Loane and Lawrence and has arrived at a point when Loane’s fleet continues to grow.

The 13.7m straight frame, tri-axle chassis’ feature Armoursheet-XL load bearing curtains, which are EN-12642 rated. At the rear we see galvanised double braced door gear to allow for easy access from outside the trailer. Loane’s signature blue colour scheme is applied to match up nicely with their cabs.

Since 1927, the family owned business based in Kesh Co Fermanagh, has operated with a range of ‘blue chip’ clients both nationally and internationally. Always tackling challenges with effective haulage management combined with commitment and enthusiasm.

If you want to find out more about this recent build, please contact Lawrence David on 01733 397622 or email 

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