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Lawrence David Trailers Give Elddis Transport 15% Greater Capacity

06 Mar EN 12642-XL LST Trailers

Elddis Transport have received an order of 3 Pillarless curtainside VLT’s from Lawrence David. They join an expanding fleet which also features a range of rigid’s also built by the Peterborough based bodybuilder. Tapered Armoursheet XL load bearing curtains are included to comply with EN 12642-XL ratings, which also extend to the bodywork. We see the famous Elddis yellow, white and blue colour scheme applied. The ‘Mercedes Maize Yellow’ stands out and pairs up nicely with the accompanying cab.

Lawrence David’s VLT’s are renowned for their fuel saving capabilities. Allowing operators to carry more pallets in each load, therefore reducing CO² emissions. Lawrence David actively encourage operators to make use of the extra capacity that’s on offer. Elddis have taken full advantage of this, opting for a trailer with 15% more capacity than the standard size.

A custom pull-out ladder has been designed and fitted, featuring an easy lock away design. The ‘Sliding Coupling Device’ improves the lifespan of the connecting cables by allowing them to quickly shift along the rail when cornering. At the rear, Butt Rollers are fitted to prevent damage to the trailer when loading at bays.

With over 45 years of engineering experience, Lawrence David are known for producing premium commercial truck & rigid bodywork. The customisability of these trailers showcases Lawrence David’s ability to cater for customer’s needs.

If you want to find out more about this recent build, please contact Lawrence David on 01733 397622 or email

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