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Knowles Transport Invest In TÜV EN12642XL Trailers

24 Oct EN 12642-XL Trailers

Knowles Transport, based in Cambridgeshire, operate a fleet of some 75 tractor units and around 150 semi-trailers. They are just taking first deliveries from an order for 50 new curtainsided pillarless trailers built to the exacting TÜV EN12642XL standard by Lawrence David.

All 50 new trailers are also equipped with the award winning and unique Lawrence David Strapsafe load securing system.

The TÜV certification ensures maximum load stability at a time when the focus from VOSA, over the past 12 months or so, has been on load securing. Alex Knowles, the Business Development Director within this family owned business, said:-

"Safety and legal compliance have always been a priority in our business. And, the focus on load securing has never been higher. We are very aware of all matters concerning safe operation and using these TÜV certified trailers will help us maintain our exemplary safety record. Awareness of the importance of load securing is already prevalent in our customer base and indeed one large multi-national is insisting that we only use trailers certified to this standard to transport their loads."

The majority of the Knowles trailer fleet is supplied by Lawrence David and it is the intention now to begin upgrading these. So, 75 of the Knowles existing trailer fleet are being refurbished and upgraded to meet the TÜV EN12642XL specification and are also being fitted with Lawrence David’s award winning Strapsafe load securing system.

At the same time Knowles Transport has taken the opportunity to update its livery.

Alex Knowles said:-

"The world is a fast changing place and I thought we just needed to change our livery to reflect this. Branding is important in what we all do, whether we are in transport or other industries. The old livery was fine but just needed a bit of updating. Interestingly, when we put the new livery next to the old it does make the older version look a bit tired."

And why Lawrence David?

"We are companies of equal minds. We are both family owned and understand the future is delivering quality products and service. We both understand loyalty and take a long term view of our respective businesses. No short term decisions. We’ll still be here for many years to come and decisions made today reflect this."