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‘Any Colour You Like’ With Rhys Davies Logistics

15 Sep EN 12642-XL Trailers

Rhys Davies Logistics, with nine depots in operation throughout the UK and a history that dates back to their founding in 1952, are set to continue their partnership with Lawrence David Ltd into the future.

Having recently delivered an order of four new double-deck trailers, each 15.65m-long and with a strap-safe system that secures the load directly to the vehicle floor, Lawrence David are combining their own wealth of history and industry-leading expertise in quality products that businesses love.

With bright and inspiring liveries, in green, yellow, orange and red, with snappy eye-catching quotes, this latest order is one of the best looking yet. And with slim-line prefinished bulkheads, wraparound curtains that enable maximum stowage space, and TUV-certified load-bearing curtains that are some of the strongest in Europe, Lawrence David’s trailers speak for themselves.